4 Stylish Landscape Design Ideas for a Modern Front Entrance in Bethel

A guest’s first impression of your Bethel, NY home will be formulated from the look and feel of your front entrance. If you’ve invested in a chic modern home, you’ll want to make sure that your landscape design out front follows suit. This will ensure that the different elements of your property flow seamlessly into one another in a professional and cohesive way. Here are a few ways to create a classy, contemporary front entrance for your home:


4 Stylish Landscape Design Ideas for a Modern Front Entrance in Bethel NY

It’s all in the lighting

Dinner guests that arrive as the sun sets will be stunned by the right landscape lighting. Landscape lighting is incredibly versatile and can be used to turn any ordinary landscape feature into a stunning focal point. Consider highlighting any statues, water features or ornate plants in your front yard using clever lighting techniques. A single light, or a combination of fixtures angled in different directions, can be used to pull a particular feature to the forefront of the landscape design. These lights should not be too intense, however, as this will risk them having a garish appearance. Walkways that lead to the home should also be lit up. Lights can be placed at staggered intervals to avoid creating the look of an airport runway. This will not only help to create a dramatic front entrance, but will also ensure the safety of anyone who navigates your landscape.


Dramatic steps that lead to the home

When choosing materials for the front entrance of your home, consider high-end varieties that will contribute towards a sleek, professional design. A stone staircase, for example, can add texture and dimension to a landscape design, while the unique qualities of natural stone can contribute towards creating a more memorable front entrance. Consider framing the staircase with lush greenery to highlight any warm, earthy undertones in the stone. Alternatively, the vibrant greens in plants can contrast darker, cooler color varieties of natural stone, such as grey limestone. Choose stone slabs that are cut precisely and finished off with chic, understated lighting to achieve a contemporary aesthetic.

Containers for added color

Pots and containers provide a quick and easy way to add color to a landscape design. They are also well suited to modern designs because they add integral pops of color to the neutral color palettes of these designs. They are particularly suited to small front entrances because they can be nestled into tight corners. Placing a few colorful pots near the front door can make the home look more inviting. These pots can be filled with ornamental grasses and other leafy plants, or be allowed to stand empty to display their intricate surface designs. Consider investing in sleek square or rectangular pots, rather that the classic round ones, for a more modern look and feel.

Dry gardens and minimalistic flower beds

Desert-themed plant beds are often incorporated into contemporary landscapes for their uniformity and lack of color. These plant beds feature mulch, gravel, or small stones in the place of soil. There is a layer of fertile soil beneath the stones to nourish the plants. By keeping the number of plants in these beds to a minimum, and investing in a few focal features that make a statement, a more dramatic look can be achieved.