Beautify Your Outdoor Kitchen with Natural Stone Masonry in Monroe, NY

Natural stone is the perfect material for building sustainable outdoor kitchens in Monroe, NY. Most types of natural stone perform well when installed outdoors, and issues such as humidity, climate and staining can be handled before and after installation with the help of an experienced contractor. If you want to achieve an organic look that seamlessly blends with the rest of your landscape, natural stone is the ideal material for your outdoor kitchen. With a range of striking colors and textures, natural stone will bring elegance to your outdoor area.

Granite Countertops

Granite is one of the densest, and consequently strongest, natural stones, hence its popularity when it comes to outdoor construction. Granite has a crystalline structure, and some variations are dense enough that they don't even need to be sealed for protection. If you choose granite for your outdoor kitchen countertops, its refined elegance will be a great asset to your outdoor area. This natural stone is extremely durable and can easily withstand heat from appliances. Granite is also stain and scratch resistant, waterproof, nonporous, and will create a sleek yet inviting look.


Beautify Your Outdoor Kitchen with Natural Stone Masonry in Monroe, NY

Granite is available in a large selection of colors. Charcoal, light grey and rosy pink are just some that make granite the perfect decorative feature for modern landscapes. Black granite will create boldness and accent a grill island. While it may be more expensive than other natural stone choices, granite will always pay off over the long run in terms of maintenance and aesthetic value.

Natural Stone Flooring

Flagstone is perfect for outdoor kitchen flooring because it requires very little maintenance. Flagstone is well suited to tough environmental conditions and won’t easily be damaged in harsh climates. Flagstone is ideally suited to a rustic, casual environment.

Sandstone offers a unique, warm look. Its durability and versatility make it a perfect candidate for outdoor kitchen flooring. Sandstone is typically available in gold, brown, rose-tinted, and grey color variations that will give your kitchen a laidback and welcoming appearance.

Limestone outdoor kitchen flooring offers a refined, almost silky texture. It’s coloring is often similar to that of sandstone, but the finer grain makes it more hospitable to bare feet. Limestone is unmistakably luxurious and will bring comfort and elegance to your outdoor kitchen.

Stunning Verticals with Natural Stone Veneer

Natural stone veneer offers a sustainable landscaping option that gives structures such as walls and islands a natural stone aesthetic. Stone veneer consists of thin pieces of stone that are adhered to plastered structures in order to create the impression that the structure is built from stone all the way through. Natural stone veneer provides exclusive color and style variations and textures that only nature can provide. One of the biggest perks of natural stone veneer is that it requires very little maintenance once installed. With natural stone veneer, your existing outdoor kitchen can be quickly and easily given a new look. With so many different styles of cut, natural stone veneer can help you to achieve both modern and traditional aesthetic themes.

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