How to Choose the Right Patio Roofing Option for Your Bethel, NY, Backyard

Patio covers range greatly in style, material, and cost in Bethel, NY. Some patio roofing is permanent, while some is retractable or for seasonal use only. The possibilities can be overwhelming. Don’t worry. Here is all you need to know in order to choose the right patio roofing for you and your family, and the Bethel, NY, weather.

Retractable, Solid, or Open Patio Roofing

How to Choose the Right Patio Roofing Option for Your Bethel, NY, Backyard

A solid patio roof is permanent and withstands the rain, wind, and snow. A solid patio roof will provide shade during the summer, however, it will not allow for much sunlight. An open patio roof, such as a pergola or lattice-style, on the other hand, will let the sun in, but will not effectively keep the elements out. This means that your furniture will get wet, and puddles or mud might become an issue. Retractable patio roofing is a solution, as it allows for the best of both worlds. On sunny days the roof can easily be opened to let in the rays. On rainy days the roof can easily be closed, keeping the furniture dry, and allowing the space to still be fully functional. 


Metal Patio Roofing

Metal patio roofing can be made of a variety of metals, but aluminum is typically the most popular choice. Aluminum is versatile. It not only comes in many different colors, styles, and sizes, but is exceedingly durable. While weather and insects often cause other materials, like wood for example, to deteriorate, aluminum stands the test of time. Additionally, metal roofing is basically maintenance free. Whether you are looking for an awning, pergola, a lattice roof, or gazebo, a metal patio roof can cover it all.  But what if you like the benefits of a metal roof, but are partial to the more traditional look of wood roofing? Don’t worry! There is even aluminum that is made to look and feel like wood!

Wood Patio Roofing

Wooden patio roofing is the traditional choice, and is still wildly popular amongst homeowners. One of the benefits of a wooden patio roof is the consistency it provides between house and yard. Many homeowners choose to match the patio roof with the wood used to build their home for seamless and cohesive style. Due to their elegance, intricacy, and beauty, louvred and lattice patio roofs, made of wood, are a classic choice. A louvred or lattice roof is a good choice for backyards that do not typically experience brutal summer sun. The lattice or louvred roof creates a space that can be both sunny and shady, but will not offer the full protection of a metal, vinyl, or retractable roof. As lattice or louvred roofs are not solid, protection from the elements is limited. Latticework will also require more maintenance than other options due to its intricate design and the upkeep of wood.


Vinyl Patio Roofing

Like aluminum roofing, vinyl withstands the elements and requires very little maintenance. Vinyl is often made to look and feel like wood, but because it is plastic, it will not deteriorate like wood. For those concerned with the environment, many vinyl options are now being made out of recycled material. Vinyl is versatile. It can be used as both a retractable roof cover or as a more permanent, solid, roof cover. Additionally, vinyl is low in cost, relative to most other patio roofing options.