Four Innovative Ways to Use Retaining Walls in Your Warwick, NY, Landscaping

A retaining wall can turn a sloped yard into a functional outdoor space. It can also help manage water runoff and control erosion in your landscape. But it can be so much more than a way to hold back earth. Try some of these innovative ways to incorporate a retaining wall in your Warwick, NY, landscape design.

Create a Tiered Landscape

Consider an eye-catching method for incorporating retaining walls into your landscape with a terraced garden. Turn that steep hill that’s difficult to navigate and maintain into a series of level areas for a floral display, green space, or mini gardens.

This technique makes a great solution for either the front or backyard. For a sloped front yard, a series of terraced flower beds can add interest and create curb appeal. It’ll transform an uninviting, unusable space into an admirable spot filled with color and texture.


The options open up for sloped backyards. Your Landworx landscape professional can help you narrow down your choices and come up with a plan that makes efficient use of your outdoor space. When planning a terraced landscape, be sure to consider how your landscape will flow from one area to the next. Surfaces that get the most use, such as a patio or outdoor kitchen, should be close to the house. For more decorative displays, such as a cascading water feature over multiple tiers, factor in visibility and whether the yard has ample vantage points to see it clearly.

Flank Stairs

A steeply graded yard won’t get much use if it’s tough to get around. By incorporating stairs into the design of a retaining wall, you could create a more practical route and make your outdoor space more inviting. Determine how many steps are needed based on the size and layout of your yard. For a large landscape, one long flight of stairs that spans multiple levels could add a sense of grandeur. Alternatively, a variety of short sets of steps could lead guests through a whimsical, meandering pathway.

Four Innovative Ways to Use Retaining Walls in Your Warwick, NY, Landscaping

Frame a Sloped Driveway

Retaining walls can change your visitors’ first impression. If the first view they get of your home is an off-putting, sloped driveway, they may feel put off. Retaining walls could help even out the grade and make a steep driveway appear less daunting. Another idea is to incorporate retaining walls along the side of the driveway to increase safety and give your parking space more definition. 

Incorporate a Water Feature

One of the best aspects of a sloped landscape is how easy it is to incorporate a water feature. A natural slope takes away a lot of the work involved in creating a stream or waterfall. Think about combining a water feature with a retaining wall to create an attractive focal point in your landscape.

For a low-maintenance water feature, an in-wall waterfall creates a smooth sheet of water that flows from the wall into a hidden, underground basin. A wall waterfall can also be combined with other water features such as a pond or pool for a stunning effect.

For a more natural style landscape, you could set up a stream with waterfalls along the retaining walls. A stream also provides the perfect backdrop for a water garden and could encourage small, desirable wildlife into your yard.