Planning an Outdoor Party? Don't Forget Outdoor Lighting!

There are many ways to make your party unforgettable—we know you’ve got your hands full with all the things you have to take care of to make it memorable. But one of the most important things to cross off your party to-do list is outdoor lighting. Here’s how to cast a spell for your Goshen, NY, outdoor party with what you need to know about outdoor lighting.

First Things First

What many homeowners don’t take into account is their background lighting. They think that adding party lights is enough. That’s an assumption they’ll regret. Ask yourself, is your overall outdoor lighting sufficient when the sun goes down? Will your guests see where they’re going, or will they end up getting lost or crashing into each other? Mishaps in the dark are not what you want your outdoor party to be remembered for.


So, the first thing you need to assess is whether your overall outdoor lighting is too weak or too strong. As with all the things in life, balance is the key. You would want to add enough path lights, possibly on both sides of the pathway, to subtly show your guests the way to your home and the way back to their vehicle when the party ends.

No One Wants to Look at your Porch Light

Turning on your porch light is a big no-no. It will kill the party spirit, as your guests will feel like they’re being watched. The only guests that will love your porch light would be the bugs. Forget about this light when you’re entertaining a big group, and instead focus on other types of lighting—ambient, accent, and task lighting.

Light Up the Atmosphere

If your ambient lighting isn’t set up right, your guests’ faces will look scary. Unless you’re hosting a haunted-story party, this is not the effect you want. You want sufficient lighting for people to look as they do in the daytime, with a soft glow. You can achieve this by having light bounce off exterior walls, the ground, trees, and even the bar.


Also, consider installing frosted string lights across the outdoor area. They will perfectly light up the area, encouraging a party atmosphere.

Highlight the Beauty of Your Place

Planning an Outdoor Party? Don't Forget Outdoor Lighting!  

Accent lighting highlights the areas you want to show off, such as the pool and garden. Lighting these areas will give a whole new look to your outdoor space, impressing your guests. There are numerous ways to complete this task, but the best one is not to use too much light.

Task Lighting

Proper task lighting is crucial for a successful party, as well as for the safety of your guests. You need to provide sufficient lighting for all the activities you plan to do—barbecuing, serving food and drinks, eating, playing some fun party games, and changing music. We suggest white LED light fixtures or even an arc floor lamp in the areas where you’ll be conducting your hosting duties.

Decorating with Party Lights

Now, you can finally add those party lights. These lights don’t actually light up space, they just decorate it. Depending on the tone of your party, you can choose lanterns and candles of different colors and sizes to make your party stand out.

A Long-term Pleasure

Efficient path and patio lighting is the foundation for an inviting and cozy atmosphere not just for parties but also for your everyday pleasure. We can help you create this type of an ambience for your next party and your many memorable evenings.