Make the Most of Your Monroe, NY, Backyard Deck with These Landscaping Ideas

A backyard deck provides multiple opportunities for a real landscaping design knock-out. Instead of just letting your Monroe, NY, deck sit there with some tired outdoor furniture or a couple of plants that have seen better days, consider these landscaping ideas:

Choosing a Reason for Design

Deciding what you want your outdoor deck to look like can be determined by its purpose. What do you envision when you think of your deck? Is it a place for parties and social gatherings, relaxing after long days at work, bringing the indoors outdoors with outdoor rooms, or all of the above? The purpose will help your knowledgeable landscape design expert get you the setup you want.

Combinations Can Be Fun

Make the Most of Your Monroe, NY, Backyard Deck with These Landscaping Ideas  

You may want to consider a patio and deck combination. With these two powerhouse landscaping options combined, you get the best of both worlds and, when done right, you’ll have a seamless connection between these two hardscape features. With a patio/deck combo, you could perhaps add more space to your existing patio, and if you have a smaller backyard, an additional hardscape feature would create additional interest to your overall landscape design.


With a patio that leads up to a deck for example, you can choose to have your outdoor kitchen in the patio area, with the dining area on the deck. This lets you have clear-cut divisions for the most traffic-heavy sections of your backyard, without losing the seamless design concept you’re going for.

Relaxation Is a Must

Perhaps you just want a quiet place to relax after a long day, and you want that to be your deck’s sole purpose. Or you may just want a place to stay out of the sun while enjoying the outdoors. A well-placed pergola could provide the needed shade you want and a sense of serenity when the afternoon sun starts to wane. With a feature like this, not only do you bring another level of class and design to your deck, but you allow for a more comfortable gathering area, as well as a structure where you can drape or string lights for night-time use.

Back to Entertainment

For entertaining, backyard decks offer the perfect blend of functionality meets style. Your choices are really dependent on what you want, as you could have your deck furnished with outdoor furniture that calls for comfort, have an outdoor grill installed for traditional get-togethers, or even have a fire pit placed nearby so that you can spend consistently wonderful evenings with family and friends. Skilled landscape design experts can help you decide on what will work best for your design aesthetic, interests, and available space.


Seclusion Is a Plus

A backyard deck can provide you with great views, but that doesn’t mean you want others to be able to see into your backyard. Planters, hedges, and small trees are options for keeping your deck and home secluded from prying eyes. Strategically placed and depending on the plant types chosen, they can create an exotic feel or a floral paradise. Or you can go sleek and modern with tall planters that can be lined up to suit your tastes and privacy needs.