Get Cozy with these 5 Outdoor Fireplace Designs in Goshen, NY

Like it or not - your outdoor fireplace becomes the center of attention as soon as the sun goes down and the evening chill settles in. It is, therefore, important that you invest in making your fireplace fit to be the star of the show. Here are a few ideas to inspire your next remodel in Goshen, NY:

A three-sided fireplace

Get Cozy with these 5 Outdoor Fireplace Designs in Goshen, NY

Outdoor fireplaces are traditionally constructed in a corner, or against the edge of an outdoor room, facing the center. Stray from tradition by having a three-sided fireplace constructed in the center of your outdoor room. Much like a pergola, the structure can be propped on four pillars, with a back panel that can be decorated to complement the hardscape aesthetic. The roof tapers into a chimney and the roaring fire is nestled into a metal basin or smaller brick enclosure in order to keep the coals contained. This fireplace design will keep various parts of your hardscape warm and cozy, while serving as a worthy focal point.

Wood and stone: a classic pairing

Wood and stone are undisputable classics and can reinforce rustic designs just as effortlessly as they add texture to contemporary hardscapes. Consider incorporating these versatile materials into your outdoor fireplace and pair them with a country-style aesthetic. A rich, brown flagstone veneer can be elevated by a wooden mantle, for example. Opt for a distressed sleeper to give the fireplace plenty of character and a timeworn touch. Pair the fireplace with wholesome wicker armchairs and a nude color palette for a cozy, yet stylish, countryside effect.


Bringing the indoors out

Create a seamless continuation between your home and backyard by building a fireplace fit for the living room. Acquiring refined materials is the first step to achieving a chic fireplace with indoor finish. Adorning the mantle with an ornate mirror or television will also contribute towards unifying your home and hardscape. Surround the fireplace with comfortable upholstered furniture and ensure that the entire area is thoroughly sheltered to prevent damage by the elements. A loggia situated snugly against the home is an excellent way to achieve this look. Consider installing an overhead ceiling fan as a thoughtful touch that will provide relief in the summer.

A fireplace with modern moxie

Outdoor fireplaces are traditionally ornate, featuring bricks or blocks of stone in sometimes intricate configurations. Imbue your outdoor living area with bold, contemporary flair by opting for sleek, functional materials. Smooth concrete blocks, free of flourishes and accents, will grant your hardscape a distinctly modern and industrial look. A smooth face, crisp edges and a strong emphasis on lines ensure that this feature still captures the attention. This sort of design pairs particularly well with vibrant textures or red brick structures, as they are aesthetically compatible but contrast in color and character.

Merging the home and hardscape

If your patio is situated right beside your home, then constructing an outdoor fireplace becomes an opportunity to give your home a facelift. Build your fireplace right against the side of the home, using similar materials to those that constitute its walls. This will create the impression that the fireplace is part of the home, projecting outwards to imbue the hardscape with a warm glow. The fireplace can be adorned with interesting accents, such as small boulders protruding from a distressed brick face. Any accents incorporated into the fireplace will add equal character and flair to the side of the home, and can merge into one another for a seamless end product.