Perk Up your Seating Area with Beautiful Masonry in Warwick, NY

Masonry is a great way to take your outdoor seating area to the next level. Brick, natural stone and concrete pavers can help to add just the right amount of color and texture to perk up your Warwick, NY, seating area and make it the perfect place to relax with friends and family. Here are just a few of the many options available to you from the masonry experts at Landworx of NY:


Brick elements are a great option to consider when thinking about masonry for your outdoor seating area. As a Unilock Authorized Contractor, Landworx offers direct access to high-quality brick-style concrete pavers for your project. As an example, Copthorne pavers from Unilock are crafted to resemble the original street bricks of old European villages and towns - perfect for bringing warmth to your landscape. Each paver is cast individually from molds taken from hundreds of actual street brick pavers, giving each paver a unique texture and character. Copthorne pavers are available in a wide range of exceptional colors, ranging from Burgundy Red to Steel Blue. For a brick paver with more substantial dimensions, look to Town Hall. Either option can be used as a primary paver for your seating area, or as a stunning accent paver for use in borders or inlays. In addition, these pavers can be used to accent vertical features in the form of banding along permanent seating, low walls, or pillars.

Perk Up your Seating Area with Beautiful Masonry in Warwick, NY


If you have a more rustic design in mind, the look of authentic cobblestone is another excellent option when considering masonry for your seating area. Whether you opt for natural cobblestone or a concrete paver with a cobblestone appearance, such as Courtstone from Unilock, the smooth, aged texture of cobblestone is perfect for creating a quiet backyard retreat. Courtstone pavers also come in a range of sizes to further capture the unique look of cobblestone. Colors are offered in a range of options, from the warmth of Pebble Taupe to the deep charcoal of Basalt. Another classic cobblestone option from Unilock is the beautiful Tribeca Cobble. While emulating the appearance of centuries-old granite, this option favors lighter color schemes and a more rugged aesthetic.

Natural Flagstone

The look and feel of natural flagstone is ideal for backyard masonry designs that seek to offer rustic comfort. The rich textures and veins of color presented by flagstone are captivating while remaining subtle enough to blend with the rest of the landscape. Flagstone slabs further inject interest into the area with their irregular shapes which can be fitted together by a Landworx of NY masonry expert to create an intricately detailed mosaic for your outdoor seating area, either as a flooring material or as a veneer for vertical structures. Another option presented by natural flagstone is the stacked look for vertical features. This option creates a highly textured wall surface and an aesthetic that is as old as time. This can be done without visible jointing to ensure an authentic look. Natural flagstone is ideal for creating seating areas with a country or cottage feel, or for balancing modern designs with rich, natural colors and textures.