Wind Protection for your Patio in Goshen

There is a growing interest among Goshen, NY, homeowners for wind protection products that ensure an enjoyable outdoor experience. Your patio is a place where you should be able to relax, eat, or read in a peaceful, comfortable environment without being disturbed by strong wind. Here are some tips on finding a barrier that provides effective protection and complements the rest of your landscape:

Fencing Using Natural Materials

Wind Protection for your Patio in Goshen, NY

A wood panel fence is a commonly used option for wind protection. Many homeowners choose a louvered fence which still maintains some airflow and does not block views, however solid barriers may provide more wind protection and can serve as a privacy screen as well. Lattice fences offer a happy medium.

For homeowners that prefer natural materials, wood is ideal for wind protection structures. Although wood adds a touch of coziness and a natural, warm mood to the space, it will require some upkeep with regular staining and sealing. Another effective option is bamboo fencing that serves as a windbreaker and provides a unique decorative element at the same time.

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Clear Windscreens

Plexiglass windscreens and others built from clear materials will preserve the stunning views of your landscape. These are strong enough to withstand the wind and are easy to maintain as well. The panels can be placed at any spot surrounding your patio and contribute to a contemporary appearance. Another advantage of choosing a translucent windscreen option is the availability of a number of different colors. These can be used to introduce an interesting mood to your patio by filtering natural light and provide some level of privacy as well.

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Growing your windscreen in the form of a hedge is convenient because a hedge doesn’t need to follow building codes and regulations. There are no height restrictions for hedges and shrubs like there are for fencing, so a living windscreen can be taller and provide amazing protection for your patio. A hedge also allows the air to filter through, weakening the wind but still allowing ventilation and airflow.

The biggest downside of a living fence is that the plants need to reach full maturity, leaving you with an ineffective fence for the first few years. This can be somewhat mitigated by having your landscaper select the fastest growing options or by transplanting mature plants.

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Low Walls

Wind protection is a must if you have an outdoor fire pit and need to shield it with some type of barrier. Low walls are one of the most functional and visually appealing solutions for wind issues around a fire pit area. Surround your fire pit with a functional seating wall and add an elevated backing to ensure a private and safe outdoor space. The materials of the seating wall should match the architectural style of your entire outdoor space as well as the design of the fire pit. For modern landscapes, choose sleek, clean lines while, for a rustic style, go for a more weathered appearance.

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