5 Ideas for Your Outdoor Bar in Orange County, NY

An outdoor bar doesn’t just have to involve a simple serving station or standard hardscaping layout. Surpass common expectations of what an al fresco space should be with unexpected elements (think: vintage chandelier or impressive sound system). Use these 5 ideas for your outdoor bar to achieve the ultimate entertainment spot for your home.

1.      Wheel Around a Bar Cart

While creating an outdoor bar can be as simple as setting up a table large enough to hold bottles, cans, pitchers, and glasses, bringing yours to the next level is just as easy. Keep glasses full and guests happy a la 1940 with a portable rolling bar cart, which keeps beverages visible and follows the party. Rising in popularity, bar carts are available in a variety of designs to suit any aesthetic or practical need. If a rolling bar isn’t your style, try filling a wheelbarrow with ice and booze for a unique twist.

2.      Create Atmosphere with Lighting

Quality outdoor lighting can completely transform an outdoor space. Devise a fantastical display by hanging delicate rose lights or paper lanterns across your outdoor bar. Illuminate mason jars from within by affixing them to yellow-hued string lights for a noteworthy garden look. Or, bring home a quirky vintage feel with traditional or electric candles, as well as an attention-grabbing chandelier. For something a little more contemporary, consider having undercounter LED lights installed into your built-in hardscaping. Contact us for help.

3.      Mount an Outdoor Chalkboard

Want to make guests feel like they’ve stepped into a local neighborhood bar? Put up a chalkboard displaying the night’s drink menu. A visibly prominent chalkboard provides a personal touch, especially if you decide to include drawings or a fun quote or two. Use this idea for your outdoor bar to indicate exactly what is being served so your resident bartender, host, or hostess can spend less time answering questions and more time socializing. Related: Building an Outdoor Space for Entertaining

4.      Roll in the Barrels

For most people, the equation is simple: visible wine or whiskey barrels mean a bar must be nearby. Incorporate rustic barrels into your outdoor space for a one-of-a-kind home bar experience. Cut aged whiskey barrels in half to serve as durable side tables or cushioned seating. Another idea for your outdoor bar is to lay a wide, sturdy plank over two wine barrels for a makeshift counter that gets right to the point.

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5.      Create Atmosphere with Music

An outdoor bar wouldn’t be complete without ambient music. Set the mood with portable or built in outdoor speakers that distribute sound evenly throughout the space. If your bar area is large enough, incorporate an outdoor speaker system for all-encompassing music to keep the party going for as long as you require. Whichever you choose, make sure your audio system remains protected from the elements. Additionally, use speakers with wireless capabilities for effortless volume and song choice control so you can focus on friends and family instead of fiddling with music. 

Enhance your entertaining experience with these 5 simple ideas for your outdoor bar. From happy hour to post-dinner drinks, your open-air space is sure to be a hit.