10 Ways to Transform Your Orange County, NY Patio

Is your patio lacking? Does it feel worn, outdated, or just plain boring? These 10 fun and inviting suggestions are a sure shot way to transform your outdoor space and get you falling in love with it all over again. 

1. Turn it into an oasis.

Prepare for your next stay-cation with exotic and unexpected patio touches. Import palm trees (keep them potted to bring them indoors when it's cold), hang up a hammock, and add a water feature for a truly unique experience.

2. Set up a movie theater.

Invest in an outdoor screen, projector, and a few cable connectors to transform your patio into the ultimate film spot. Guarantee relaxation and convenience with comfortable cushions, a mini fridge, and an extension cord (or built in outdoor outlets). Bring in the grand finale with an old-fashioned popcorn machine.

3. Soak in seclusion.

Section off a part of your patio with hedges or a privacy screen and install a hot tub for instant luxury. Situate portable speakers outdoors or establish a permanent speaker system to set the mood.

4. Grow container vegetables.

An edible garden is the perfect complement to a backyard patio. Pick a location with full sun to plant carrots, peppers, and eggplants, which grow especially well in containers. Get creative with mason jars, bushel baskets, and window boxes for visual diversity. Read about garden planters here.

5. Wash it.

A little pressure washing can go a long way toward transforming your patio. Scrub away loosened dirt and debris to brighten the space, making it look brand new. While you’re add it, ditch old furniture and decorative features that are seldom used.

6. Plant a living wall.

Add greenery and natural privacy to your patio with ivy-clad latticework or lush hedges. An herb wall consisting of small pots attached to a wooden divider is a delightful way to transform your patio into a fragrant paradise.

7. Gather ‘round the fire.

Have your landscaping company (us) build a natural stone fire pit into your patio for cozy outdoor evenings. Surround it with circular seat walls and plush pillows, and be sure to grab plenty of s’more-making materials for the full campfire effect.

8. Bring your living room outdoors.

Use your favorite indoor comforts to transform your patio. Area rugs, weatherproof sectional couches, and unique coffee tables breathe new life to an outdoor room, fostering hours of open-air enjoyment.

9. Savor the sounds of water.

A water garden is a fantastic way to drown away noise pollution and invoke mental calmness. Adorn your patio with a fountain, water wall, or standalone waterfall for a constant, soothing soundtrack.

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10. Take drinks outside.

Transform the way you entertain with an outdoor bar for after-dinner cocktails. Setting one up is as simple as placing a portable table on your patio for a self-serve drink station, though plenty of built-in hardscaping and layout options are available for more permanent solutions.

With these 10 ways to transform your patio, spending time outdoors will become a natural part of your everyday life at home.