5 Outdoor Party Ideas for July 4

The first big summer party is usual the July 4 holiday and if you happen to be itching to host this year's gathering, look no further. Below are some ideas to inspire your outdoor summer shindig.

Pool Games Extravaganza

July 4th is the perfect time of year for a swimming pool party. Entertain the kids and adults alike with games such as volleyball, frisbee or even a game of pool baseball. Be sure to have a splash pool available for small children. This will also help spreading your guests all around your patio and keeping your swimming pool from getting too crowded! 

If your pool party runs into the evening, consider lighting things up with a red or blue underwater pool light.  

Stock up your outdoor bar for the grownups, fire up the barbeque and don’t forget to wear your red, white, and blue swimsuit.

All American Burger and Ribs Barbeque

Why not take the traditional route and have your friends and family over for an All American cook-out?  Spice it up with the food selection.

Try out your new marinated ribs, smoked pork, and even pizza from your outdoor pizza oven. Whether you have a fully equipped outdoor kitchen or or a ready-for-a-party grill, what better way to celebrate than with the age old American tradition of outdoor cooking?

Drink Tasting Party

Set out a spread of craft beers or wines from around the world. Get your tasting cards out and have your guests review the drinks. If you have a beer tap in your outdoor kitchen, this is a perfect time to use it! And since many people skip the card, have them take a shot at the type of beer or wine. Having people guessing usually helps increase engagement around the "tasting" part. 

If you’re having kids involved, add a tea tasting party on your garden patio (don't forget to add the ice!).  This tea party addition would even work for older family members who’d prefer to reminisce in the sunshine with a cold tea drink. For a July 4th touch, create a signature tea drink of the day with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and some sliced starfruit. Don't forget the Star-Spangled Banner cupcakes and country-style apple pie!

To keep everyone included, add some dog and cat water bowls with treats.

Sundowner Cocktail Party

For all the budding mixologists out there, consider hosting your own sundowner cocktail party in your outdoor bar. Brush up on your flaring skills and play bartender for the night.

Try garnishing your drinks with cherries, blueberries, and a touch of lemon zest for a patriotic effect. You can save time by premixing your cocktails and storing them on a tray in your refrigerator. This will also save you some embarrassment if your red, white, and blue layered smoothies come out a muddy purple on your first attempt.

Don’t forget to include plenty of seasonal hors d'oeuvres such as grilled tomato bruschetta, corn fritters with a cheesy guacamole, bacon wrapped cherry tomatoes, or a lobster salad.

Camping Party

These are ideal for family celebrations with younger kids. Why not celebrate your July 4th with a night under the stars by setting up a tent on your lawn and converting your outdoor fireplace into a campfire? Kids will love the adventure of camping without the long drive and it’ll be the perfect opportunity to bust out the old acoustic guitar and bring the family together with some folk songs.

You can also entertain the young and old by setting up a movie projector and sheet for an outdoor movie experience. Don’t forget the citronella candles, popcorn, and plenty of marshmallows to enjoy near the fire pit.

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