Creating Definition in Your Landscaping Spaces

landscaping definition in goshen and pine island ny

For many homeowners, a landscape would not be complete without the inclusion of one or more functional areas. From outdoor kitchens to open-air living rooms, you have plenty of options at your disposal. While the right design concept, features, and appliances are important, it’s essential to define landscaping spaces in order to ensure they will actually be used. Establish outdoor spaces with proper hardscaping and practical plantings, or a smart combination of the two. Don’t let your outdoor areas fall flat – create definition in your landscaping spaces for long-lasting satisfaction.

Begin from the Bottom Up

Any well-defined landscape space starts with adequate flooring because it provides a strong visual indication of your outdoor room. Choose hardscaping that is durable, weather-proof, and which matches your home’s colors and textures. Outdoor flooring is available in many materials including concrete, stone, porcelain, and wood which may be installed. Lay down decorative concrete for nearly unlimited flexibility in “room” shape, or install natural stone pavers for a beautiful rustic look. Select hardscaping patterns to further delimit your outdoor room such as borders, banding, or “rugs” which lend visual appeal and offer subtle direction in how to use the space.

Put Up a Wall

Just as walls define your interior spaces, open-air variations can be used to highlight outdoor areas. Whether your yard is especially hilly or horizontally flat, retaining walls can add attractive depth and strongly partition off a landscaping space. Seat walls surrounding a patio or outdoor kitchen area provide clear definition without obstructing the view. If you’d like to foster a more organic setting, harness the natural beauty of tall-growing shrubs and ornamental grasses around the perimeter of your landscaping space. A combination of potted plants and rustic, low fencing or seat walls also creates a gorgeous border that allows people to appreciate your landscape from the comfort of a well-defined enclosure. Related: Is a multi-level patio right for your home?

Lead the Way

What good is a landscaping space if it doesn’t appear accessible or inviting? Lay natural stone, concrete pavers, or outdoor tiles to constitute an organic pathway leading to your outdoor space. For more definition, line it with foliage or low garden walls to create the sensation of a “corridor.” Such visual cues will direct people through your landscape and encourage them to arrive at your outdoor area.

Emphasize Definition after Dark

Landscape lighting is a simple, yet effective tool to distinguish an outdoor space from the rest of your yard. Employ soft downlighting from nearby tree branches or build low-voltage lighting right into your hardscape for ambient illumination. An array of decorative fixtures can also brighten a landscaping space while adding personal touches easily seen during daytime. Ensure your outdoor areas are noticed well after dark with a suitable lighting system.

Captivate friends and family for hours on end by creating definition in your landscaping spaces. Your yard may just become your new favorite place to work, play, or relax!