How to Create a Swimming Pool Oasis

swimming pool oasis in bethel, ny

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to come across a magnificent oasis? Sidestep a trek to the desert by constructing your own. Creating a swimming pool oasis in your Orange County, NY home is a fun process which, with some open-mindedness and artistry, can produce outstanding results. Equip yourself with the right tools to transform your swimming pool into the perfect backyard escape.

Soothing Pool Finishes and Features

What would an oasis be without a refreshing place to cool off? Before anything else, establish a comfortable and aesthetically appealing swimming pool. Use colored pool finishes in restorative hues of blue or green, emphasizing the overall shape with separate-colored coping. Added features, such as in-pool waterfalls or tanning shelves, elevate the relaxation factor by providing unexpected places to stop and unwind.

Make it Private

Essential to any swimming pool oasis is guaranteed, consistent privacy. Block out distractions and noise pollution with living fences made of bamboo or other small trees and shrubs. Train climbing plants which remain healthy year-round, such as evergreen vines, to grow vertically up trellises surrounding your pool for added mystique. Lattice panels, wooden boards, and other privacy screens also protect your oasis from uninvited onlookers.

Sound Effects

Enhance your poolscape with the soothing sound of running water. If an in-pool waterfall isn’t an option, consider installing a standalone model in the surrounding landscape. Fountains are another excellent option, offering a subtle, relaxing soundtrack to compliment your retreat experience. Integrating water features should not interfere with design continuity, however, so be sure to match materials with your pool finish and adjacent hardscaping. Of course, you can always consider a more traditional sound effect with a proper outdoor sound system.

Plant Your Oasis

Go green for the ultimate calming effect. Research has shown that access to nature reduces stress and anxiety, and can actually lead to better sleep. Fill your swimming oasis with plenty of lush, bright plants and small trees, creating layers with an array of leaf and branch sizes. Flowers are also known to negate the effects of stress-related depression and improve happiness, so include flowering plant varieties like fragrant salvia. Related: Our favorite perennials.

Structures for Relaxation

What’s missing in a desert oasis that your swimming pool can have? A closed place to slip into and out of your swimsuit. Build a cabana or pergola for a lavish changing station which doubles as a lounge area. Curtains allow you to open or close off the space, while waterproof lounge chairs, couches, and beds supply and extra level of luxury. Rest and relax in a covered cabana facing your pool, or screen off all four sides of a pergola for an instantly private haven.

Luxe Lighting

When creating a swimming pool oasis, it’s important to think about how you will continue to use it after the sun goes down. Invest in adequate outdoor lighting for pathways leading to and from your poolscape, as well as proper landscape lighting to showcase specimen plants and water features. Build soft lighting into hardscaping, angle lights downward through encircling trees, or hang feathery string lights overhead to cast a moonlike glow over your oasis. This also helps to create definition, which is a must for the perfect oasis.

Supreme relaxation should not require a long trip away from home. Implement these design techniques into your next pool remodel for a staycation-worthy swimming oasis.

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