5 Benefits of a Pond

pond waterfall project by Landworx Landscaping in goshen and bethel ny

So you've been considering a pond? Or maybe you've got some lawn space that you'd like to replace with something other than grass. We'll we've got one of the top water features for you to consider: a pond. With a pond in your backyard there is no question that a little less lawn means a lot more fun and relaxation. Here are five benefits to help persuade you!

1. Add Visual Beauty

One of the most satisfying and apparent benefits of a pond is to provide visual appeal to your yard. A well landscaped water feature will offer a pleasing view and attract wildlife, allowing you to experience nature directly within your own property lines. Stocking your pond with fish will give way to hours of fun. Watching animal activities and feeding wildlife is a great way to spend an afternoon (for all ages). There are other features that can be added to your pond such as waterfalls, aquatic plants, statues, and bridges and will increase the beauty of your pond and property. Related: 4 Types of Water Features for Your Landscaping.

2. Environmental Benefit

A pond will add immediate benefits to your backyard ecosystem while providing a habitat for local wildlife conservation. Birds use backyard ponds to provide the water and safety necessary to drink and bathe. Amphibians benefit from both the surrounding vegetation for food as well as the perfect habitat for breeding. Creating a well balanced pond attracts beneficial insects for birds and other wildlife. This type of natural relationship allows local plants and animals to thrive in ways they might not be able to otherwise. As your backyard pond ages, more wildlife will follow, allowing you to aid in furthering future generations of the species local to your neighborhood.

3. Water Conservation (in comparison to..)

Ponds require much less water than a lawn or plants. Lawns and plants requires daily watering, while a pond, once filled, requires little additional water management. The pond itself acts as a small reservoir from which nearby plants and grass may draw water. You can even use your pond to water other garden plants when necessary. If you live in a wet climate, the rain will refill your pond for you.

4. Outdoor Air Conditioning

Backyard ponds are a natural way to improve not only the outdoors, but also the indoor temperature of your home. Ponds work like simple swamp coolers, using evaporative cooling to lower air temperature as wind moves across the water’s surface. Water-cooling your home with a backyard pond can lower the local temperature by a couple of degrees. A backyard pond can lower your reliance on an air conditioner. A large water feature not only keeps your home and yard cooler, but can lower your energy bill, translating to more money in your pocket.

5. Reduce Street Noise

A pond with a prominent water feature, such as a fountain or waterfall, generates the continuous and pleasing sound of running water. The sound of running water serves to diminish or eliminate other noises while turning your yard into a relaxing sanctuary. When these water features are pointed in the direction of the home kitchen or bedroom the effects of the soothing white noise can be appreciated when inside, as well as throughout the entire yard. Related: Privacy Screens.