5 Landscape Design Ideas for Huge Yards

A large yard is an enormous asset, but in order to prevent the space from becoming monotonous or stark, care needs to be taken in deciding on a layout that is suitable. Here we’ll look at some of the ways that a large Chester, NY yard can be managed in order to make the best of it and keep it from becoming a liability.

Break up the space

To create variation and keep your outdoor space manageable and visually interesting, it’s a good idea to break up the space. This can be done by enhancing natural contour lines, using retaining walls, planting hedges, erecting small fences, creating plant bed dividers or simply changing the ground cover or paver laying pattern to differentiate one area from the next. Each space can then be used for its own unique function while maintaining a common unifying design theme so that elements of your landscape remain visually harmonious with one another.

Create multiple levels

One excellent way of breaking up the space within your landscape is by separating lawn or patio spaces with a height difference. This can be done using a combination of sloping ground, retaining walls and steps. Multi level patios can provide varying sections for separate functional outdoor rooms, such as outdoor kitchens, entertainment areas and fireplace patios. Multiple levels are ideal for taking full advantage of the area available and using space that would otherwise have been taken up by a slope, or otherwise livening up a flat stretch of backyard.

5 Landscape Design Ideas for Huge Chester, NY Yards

Connect with walkways and steps

Breaking up a large yard is important, but so is flow and accessibility between the spaces. This is easy to achieve using paved walkways, or steps for inclines and differing levels. Steps and walkways also contribute to your landscape’s aesthetic by providing an opportunity to showcase quality natural stone or concrete pavers. Walkways are essential for easing travel across large yards and can be used not only for connecting spaces, but for visually dividing them as well.

Multiple patio spaces

With a large yard, there is no need to limit your patio space to right outside your backdoor. Two or more patios are hardly excessive and can allow you to enjoy your large property from multiple viewpoints and create multiple settings. Spread your patios out and tuck them away in the idyllic vegetation. This will draw people deeper into your yard and encourage exploration. Don’t forget to make your secret patios accessible with walkways, steps and stepping stones. Each patio can be placed to supply a viewpoint for enjoying a specific feature - a koi pond, a bamboo forest, or a breathtaking view. Alternatively, patios can be separated according to function - a poolside patio, outdoor kitchen, tea party patio, or fire pit area.

Large trees and features

To create a balanced sense of scale, large trees and features can be used. Large features ensure that the landscape does not become overwhelming and sprawling and can be used to further break up the area. Small features make a large area appear even larger, while in smaller yards, large trees and features only serve to emphasize the constrictive size of the area. However, in larger yards, this perspective is balanced with the size of the plot, making for a more comfortable impression. Features may include large waterfall or water features, outdoor fireplaces, archways, hills and walls.