Let the Music Play
with an Outdoor Sound System

Photo: The Landscape Series by Sonance.

Photo: The Landscape Series by Sonance.

"A relaxing day of sitting by the pool in Orange County, NY gets even better when your favorite playlist plays effortlessly and inconspicuously in the background."


THE DESIGN OF LANDSCAPES AND OUTDOOR LIVING SPACES continues to evolve at a rapid rate. The modern comforts a homeowner can expect outside, no matter how traditionally interior they may have been in the past, are quite impressive. Many of them are getting a warm welcome from homeowners right here in the Hudson Valley, NY area including outdoor sound systems.

It only seems logical with many of the NY outdoor living spaces in the Orange County area featuring the likes of complete outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, and even outdoor TV’s, that outdoor sound systems would begin to be a popular request. And with the rise of home automation systems controlled by smartphone apps, integrating outdoor speakers with interior systems is totally possible. Hit a few buttons on your iPhone and your cued-up music will be playing in the interior rooms of your house, as well as gently filling your outdoor living spaces.

Manufacturers are beginning to offer super attractive speaker components that blend in with the landscape seamlessly. Sonance, a home theater manufacturer located in California, offers their Sonance Landscape Series and these lighting fixture-like speakers are truly beautiful. 

Not ready to take it that far? Look into a wireless speaker system. Bluetooth, WI-FI, and Apple Airplay systems are available and a few manufacturers offer the ability to link multiple speakers together. With these options, you can play the same music across different speakers at the same time allowing an entire outdoor space to be adequately covered with sound.

Whichever solution you choose to try, moving your music to the open air rooms of your house is no longer a crazy idea. Picture this…you are entertaining at your Hudson Valley home, and your guests are gracefully transitioning between indoor and outdoor gathering spaces. You turn on your favorite party playlist and pour a few glasses of wine for your guests. As the music starts to fill your living room, you transition to your poolside guests and continue to hear the same sweet sounds without interruption. Now that is a beautiful thing and, perhaps, the perfect finishing touch to your new outdoor living project.  

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