Need shade for your patio? Shade sails offer a nice alternative to the norm

Properly designed outdoor living spaces and landscapes offer areas of full sun, as well as shady retreats for sitting and relaxing. Here in the Hudson Valley, homeowners generally turn to options like pergolas, pavilions, awnings, or umbrellas. These all work well and the team at Landworx has certainly installed its fair share of these solutions. 

As of late, there seems to be a new-comer to the shade party. Commonly referred to as shade sails, they are essentially large pieces of heavy duty, weather resistant fabric help taught by heavy duty posts. A quick search on will yield numerous inspirational photos of real projects where sails where used. Often triangular in shape and used in sets of 2 or 3, shade sails are great for creating a design statement or focal point in the landscape. 

With outdoor living industry exploding in popularity, more and more products are coming to market, offering great design options for homeowners in Orange County, NY. So following suit after advancements in patio pavers, outdoor kitchens, and pool construction, we were due for a new solution for creating shade in the residential landscape. Perhaps these shade sails will take off in popularity here in the Hudson Valley as they have out on the West Coast. We can only wait and see what the 2016 outdoor living season has in store for us!