Paver Patterns: The secret weapon for beautiful outdoor living spaces

Unilock Paver Pattern tool, Uvision, allows consumers to visualize their new paver or walkway pavers.

Unilock Paver Pattern tool, Uvision, allows consumers to visualize their new paver or walkway pavers.

With so many decisions to be made when planning a new outdoor living space, the small details can get lost in the details. Luckily the team at Landworx is all about details. We believe that small touches can pack a big punch when it comes to landscape design. 

Paver patterns are just such a detail. Depending on the hardscape product being installed, there are usually a few different options for laying out the pattern. A few things that we consider when choosing the right paver and the right pattern are below.

The size of the space and patio

For smaller spaces like fire pit circles, little seating area patios, or 4’ wide walkways, choosing a pattern comprised of small pavers allows the pattern to really develop. If the pavers are too large with multiple sizes in the set, the eye wont be able to really take in the pattern and the design value will be lost. 

In contrast, large spaces and larger patios really work well with large format pavers with multiple sizes. A very popular choice is Unilock’s Beacon Hill Flagstone which has 3 different sizes, all in large format. 

Add Borders and Accents

Once you select the paver pattern for the main, center area—referred to as the “field"—it’s time to move on to the exciting details and accents, or “borders.”  Much like tile in a kitchen or bathroom, there are endless possibilities for borders and inlays. Consider introducing complimentary colors in the border pavers that pull in the accent color of a house or structure. 

Some hardscape manufacturers offer visualization tools for just such product selection tasks. For instance, Unilock has created an awesome way for homeowners to visualize different paver patterns working together with borders. The drag and drop style “Uvision” tool comes loaded with high-resolution images and textures of their entire product line. Take it for a spin using the link below!

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