10 ways to add color to your outdoor living space

Add color to your Hudson Valley backyard

To set something straight, green is indeed a beautiful pop of color. But in the backyard, the green becomes the white walls in your home. It sits in the background - waiting to be dressed and painted.

There are endless ways to add that extra umph; the pops of color to brighten your outdoor spaces. Some of which may even work during the colder times of the years. So without further adieu, here are the top 10 ways to making your outdoor living spaces a little brighter, and happier - flowers not included. 

1. Add a bright planter at the end of the walkway. Let it sit at the very dead end - so that it can serve as the straight-on focal point during the path.

2. Paint your bench! Go for yellow or a purple shade (to match a nearby flower).

3. Choose multi-colored gravel - and skip the solid collections. 

4. Don't be afraid to pick colorful stone or pavers - but do make sure there are ways to match those colors in the surrounding areas (plantings are an easy way to do this).

5. Attract butterflies and birds! Adding water elements in open areas, like a columnar fountain will bring them right to you.

6. Paint the doors. Colorful front, side, back - even the shed doors all work. This is especially impactful if there area seating areas stationed nearby.

7. Outdoor rugs are perfect. Not only do the create framing around a space (and therefore add the cozy touch), but they're also perfect for bringing colors in from within that space, or nearby outdoor spaces.

8. Colorful mood lighting, either hung or standing work for your spaces both day and night. By day with their painted exterior (burnt red looks great) and by night with the subtle lighting.

9. Patio umbrellas for shade, dryness, coziness, and yes, color!

10. Hang outdoor art. Think wind vanes and chimes. 


-Image Flickr Rudolf Vlček