What Exactly is Hardscaping Anyway?

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Complete residential landscapes involve quite a few different elements that when brought together in the end product, must function cohesively. These elements of a landscape design include things like plantings (referred to as the softscape), irrigation, low-voltage lighting, structures like pergolas and gazebos, and hardscaping. The “hard” surfaces of a landscape such as retaining walls, walkways, decks and patios, are referred to as hardscaping.

A home’s hardscaping provides structure within the often freeform nature of outdoor design. Almost always installed before the other elements, walls and patios shape the land for proper function in terms of ground stability and navigation, respectively.

Here in Orange County, working in communities like Warwick, Florida, Goshen, Chester, Monroe, and Pine Island, hardscape design often involves the combination of stone, concrete, and wood. The Landworx crew works with a great deal of natural fieldstone for retaining walls and driveway pillars, while relying on PA bluestone for flatwork like walkways and patios.

The real magic of a great hardscape design, however, comes into focus when materials combine. When a designer introduces concrete pavers from the likes of Unilock to compliment the natural tones and textures for the bluestone, the outdoor living project is instantly elevated to a new level. Add in a custom pergola built from rough-cut lumber, and you have a true masterpiece.