Don't Forget the Planters

Photo by  Woonstijl  .

Photo by Woonstijl.

Sometimes, the seemingly small finishing touches put on outdoor living spaces can make all the difference. And while things like pillows, outdoor rugs, and lanterns are often added as afterthoughts, the placement and design of planters should not wait too long after the design/build process is complete. 

In fact, one could certainly argue that leaving deliberate spaces open for planters, or even better grouping of planters, is practice that can reward the overall design with personality and style. 

But one thing is for sure, regardless of when the planters are nestled into their homes, the character and sophistication potted plants can bring to the party is not to be missed. Beautiful container plantings for your Hudson Valley entryway, back deck, or patio, should extend the color scheme of the exterior of your home. 

Choose plant combinations that mix contrasting textures and bold colors. Planters are a great time to get a little wild. There are plenty of companion plants that work well in potted designs and the staff at Landworx in Goshen, NY would love to help you add them to your home.

If you go at it alone, just remember the designer's golden rule of combining plants with vertical, horizontal, and cascading growth habits in each container.