Outdoor Privacy Screens

One of the best ways to make a Hudson Valley outdoor living area feel cozy is by effectively using privacy screens. Try one or more of these solutions for your Orange County, NY landscaping. 

Image from  Ivy Clad

Image from Ivy Clad

People like the idea of enjoying privacy and solitude in an outdoor space. Depending on the location of your home, or more specifically your outdoor patio, deck, pool, or pergola, this may seem like a near impossible task. Neighbors are wonderful and a sense of community is very important in today’s ever-digital world. However, there are just sometimes in life when you and your family just need to enjoy some peace and quiet. When used correctly in a landscape design, privacy screens can provide just what Hudson Valley homeowners need for some much needed solitude in the garden. Here are a few options for making it happen.

Hedges + Shrubs

Plants are a very good option for creating privacy. There are quite a few varieties to choose from ranging in bloom colors, size, and shape. Tall and estate-like Yews are an excellent evergreen option with dark green foliage. Some varieties of the yew can grow to heights in excess of 50 feet. For a more colorful option, Viburnum is a beautiful plant that adds a splash of soft color and fragrant flowers to the landscape.

Hedges can be a great way to add curb appeal to your home. Hedges are also a great privacy screen that blocks the view of neighbors or people walking by the house. Plant experts suggest using a fast growing evergreen hedge for the side and back of yards that are too close to neighbors inquisitive eyes. They provide the type of privacy that block their sight and can even provide a decent sound barrier. The American Holly is a fast growing choice.

Potted Plants

Surround the home with potted plants. Potted plants are perfect for that porch-deck or a small side yard that is open to the neighbors. Potted arborvitae can create a nice thick screen that is also mobile. Move the plants around at your leisure to cover bare areas during the year. The trick is to combine different types of shrubs that create a wonderful effect during the seasonal changes.


Fences really do make good neighbors. They block out a considerable amount of noise and can create intimacy in an outdoor space like nothing else. A six-foot high, stained wooden fence will add to the beauty of your landscape and provide a great privacy screen that will last for years. For the fans of more low maintenance options, look at the incredible variety of vinyl PVC fencing on the market today. While this option is more upfront for sure, you will get your money back over the years of hassle free performance. 

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