Composite Decking Anyone?

Photo courtesy of Azek. 

Photo courtesy of Azek. 

Composite decking is a manufactured product that has revolutionized the way people relax and entertain on outdoor decks in the Hudson Valley area and beyond. It is a low maintenance and eco-friendly building material that allows you to enjoy your deck without any worries. It is made from a rare combination of non-virgin wood products/wood materials like sawdust and recycled plastic. Stabilizers, bonding agents, pigments and additives are added to this combination resulting in a product that looks great, is very easy to maintain, and can withstand very tough weather and wear conditions. Very versatile, composite decking is available in different colors and "grains" to mimic various wood species. Here’s a bit more about this versatile product below.

Solid or Hollow?

Solid is a bit heavier than the hollow version and it appears to look a lot like real wood. This is by far the most popular version because of it’s close semblance to wood and superior durability and performance for the Northeast weather. Hollow composite has more of a man made look. Before it is installed, it is vulnerable to damage thus it should be handled with care.


No need to reseal- In addition to giving you a product that looks similar to real wood, you will not have to worry about resealing like you would with timber. This is simply because it does not fade or wear with time. You will be happy to learn that it does not warp or rot which goes to show that it can be used for very many years without any complications.

Eco-friendly- if you are looking for a product that will not help in the depletion of the earth's resources in its manufacture, this has got you covered. Because of the way it’s made and the materials used, this is considered an Eco-friendly product.

Cost effective- Another benefit you will enjoy with the composite deck is that it is affordable when considering life cost. Despite the fact that it is slightly more expensive than the cost of average timber decking, you will actually save money over the years. You will not have to spend money and time re-oiling, staining or sanding your deck or porch every six months or yearly. The product offers great convenience, as the only maintenance you will have to do is a quick clean once in a while

Just think, all this and it’s also fire-resistant and you won’t have to worry about little children with painful splinters!