Building an Outdoor Space for Entertaining

An outdoor entertaining paradise in Orange County, NY — designed and installed by Landworx of NY. 

An outdoor entertaining paradise in Orange County, NY — designed and installed by Landworx of NY. 

When designing your Hudson Valley outdoor kitchen area, it’s important to understand that the space will not only be used to cook but also for entertaining your family and friends. It should be designed with comfort and function in mind so that people end up staying longer and making memorable moments they will remember for years to come.

Let’s face it—the kitchen often ends up being the favorite room in the house. And this is true for outdoor living spaces as well. That said, be sure to plan a space that flows nicely between the designated cooking areas and the more ‘living room’ style spaces. Here are a few key essentials to consider when designing a backyard landscape that is ideal for outdoor entertaining in NY.


Create an outdoor space that allows individuals to enjoy the beautiful weather outdoors while basking in the comforts of interior features. Furniture is important when it comes to outdoor entertaining as it gives people a place to sit back, relax, and unwind as they catch up over food and drinks. Choose durable furniture that has very comfortable outdoor cushions. Consider getting chairs that stack in case you want to host many people as this helps to save space when they are not in use. Today, you can also find amazing hammocks, chaise lounges, and daybeds all designed for outdoor performance and style.


To enjoy using the space all year long for outdoor entertaining in regions like Orange County, NY, some type of shelter has to be considered. There are numerous options available allowing you to choose the one best for your particular backyard. For instance, you can opt to have a pergola, shade umbrella, awning, or gazebo that will allow you and your guests to enjoy your home’s outdoor space more days throughout the season. A recent trend is a pergola fitted with a retractable sunshade manufactured with outdoor fabrics from companies like Sunbrella.  


Lighting cannot be overlooked when you want to take advantage of space that will be utilized for outdoor entertaining. This is especially important if most of your entertaining is done after dark as it allows everything to move along without any interruptions. When you choose the proper type of lighting and have it placed correctly by outdoor lighting professionals, it can also offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere to your outdoor living areas.

If you can, add an outdoor TV and/or weatherproof sound system to complete the space. When done properly, the outdoor entertaining area will give you a practical way to extend your home beyond the backdoor. For years to come, family and friends will enjoy spending time outdoors with the all the comfort amenities of home.