Planning Your Swimming Pool Design

Planning Your Swimming Pool Design

Having the perfect swimming pool means more time at home, entertaining, relaxing, and simply more time for the many enjoyable things to do in your outdoor spaces. But all of these memories - they're not all made literally inside the pool. There's a lot to consider when preparing for your swimming pool project - to make sure you enjoy every bit of the new space.


Pictured: a swimming pool project by Landworx.

Pictured: a swimming pool project by Landworx.

Many folks find themselves lounging around the pool much more often than they find themselves actually inside the pool. That said, the pool itself isn't the most important part of your swimming pool project. Think about the surrounding areas.

You obviously want areas to place loungers in, but think outside the box. Wouldn't it be nice to enjoy some meals with friends and family? Make sure there is enough patio space for a table or two. 

How about a bar area for some drinks while others relax in their lounge chairs - and therefore allowing everyone to hang out together? Add in an outdoor TV and your outdoor kitchen within steps - and you have the perfect entertaining areas.

Finally, consider where you think kids will be, based on their ages, while you and others are in the pool. Now sure, children might find themselves in the actual pool very often, but how about the other times - will they have anything to do nearby? Consider built-in sand-box inspired play areas as well as plenty of shady spots that are very close the sunny lounge chair spaces - for both the kids and animals! Related: Creating Kid-Safe Backyards


Sometimes the most convenient (a currently unused piece of land in your backyard) is the least ideal space for your swimming pool. 

The best place for a swimming pool is often one that allows an easy transition between the indoors and outdoors. If your Hudson Valley property has a pool house then obviously, problem solved! Otherwise, you definitely want to consider the pool near a back door with an easy walkway between the house and the poolside spaces. 

For the uncontrollables, unless removing large trees are an option (and only if it would be helpful), you need a sunny area outside. Even if you know you'll be using mostly shady areas to lounge in, you want the sun to keep the water warm. If you're opting for a heated pool then your problems are solved (unless you want sunny relaxing spots that is).

Some other convenience considerations are objects that would be problematic for enjoyment. For example, a garden or apple tree that is too close will attract bees. Lining up your pool too close to your neighbor's house will upset a few people. And trees and flowers that will cause excessive debris in your pool warrant some thought.

Budget and Goals

While there are plenty of items to splurge on - whether it to be a water slide, the perfect waterfall, or pool lining, stick to your goals. Make sure that the places your money is going will bring value to your true goals of this swimming pool project. (Read here to see how you can cut costs with an above ground pool instead of an inground one.) If its to create ample entertaining space, then make sure that space isn't where you're cutting corners. If its to create more exciting activities for your kids, then spend the money on the fun stuff for the pool (like that water slide). 

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