Keeping Your Dog Hydrated in Your Backyard (in style)

Keep dogs hydrated in style in your goshen, ny home.

Keeping Your Dog Hydrated in Your Backyard (in style)

Landscaping is about function - just as much as its about style. Get rid of the boring water bowls and welcome something beautiful and integrated in your overall landscape design. Here are some stunning ideas for keeping your dog hydrated, in style!

Water fountain with varying levels of height (tiered)

These are perfect for small dogs because they can reach the water bowl with ease. The varying levels of height allow for design (rather than just a water bowl on the ground). These would also be great for larger dogs. 


Create a stream for constantly moving (and therefore fresh) water. Add some small walking bridges for extra style and additional paths for your furry pet.  

Stacked Stone

waterfall in goshen, ny

Water fountains on stacked stone can bring tranquility to any space. Since these types of water fountains usually have the water base really low, its perfect for dogs to drink.

Wall Fountain

While they're most often found in traditional style, wall fountains can come in any shape, size, and style, including modern. Depending on the size of your pups (and the fountain), they can be hung close to the ground or as high as possible.