5 Ideas For The Perfect Fire Pit

5 Ideas For The Perfect Fire Pit

Outdoor fire pits are perfect for creating spaces to gather for friends and family. Whether its to have late night conversations, share stories, or cuddle, they provide an ambiance for relaxation and comfort. And with the Hudson Valley weather, they're a must when it comes to extending the usage of your outdoor living spaces. 

There are many ways to dress up a fire pit, such as materials for the actual fire pit, the seating area, and placement in the backyard - to name a few. To help you get started in your fire pit planning, we've come up with some essentials to consider based on our previous work.

Fire pit near swimming pool Chandler Drive in Orange County, NY 

1. In the middle of all the action.

The first instinct for homeowners is to identify a far-off kind of spot for a fire pit, at the edge of the property. There are many reasons for this - including smoke from the fire pit and the initial thought of fire safety. There's a perfect middle ground. And its not at the edge of the property!

Consider integrating the fire pit in the midst of all the action. Within comfortable and safe proximity to the swimming pool and dinning and cooking areas. The more integrated your fire pit, the more it will be used! Take a look at above picture of an Orange County, NY pool design as an example.

Fire pit near a kids swingset.

2. Near the Kids.

In this project, the fire pit view included a swing set and other activities for children. A small separation of the spaces with a seat wall helps to remind people to slow down or stop. The proximity and view help to encourage adults and kids to enjoy the space separately, or together.


bluestone fire pit in orange county, ny

3. Highlight the Views!

Fire pit with a view!

Nothing beats an incredible water view. This is probably the only exception when it comes to placing a fire put at the edge of the property. In this Hudson Valley, NY project, we emphasized the natural view with bluestone to complete the woodsy look. And to ensure never-ending usage of the area, space for the lounge chairs helps promote relaxation even when the fire pit isn't in use.

Techo-Bloc antika patio with fire pit in Florida, NY

4. Pavers or Bluestone

While in the above project we used natural stone, in this Florida, NY project (to the left and below), we used Techo-Bloc pavers. There are hundreds of material choices for the fire pit, seating areas, and patio. The perfect choice, colors, and patterns depend on the required durability, surrounding areas, and your style. Read this post for more ideas: Perfect Material for Your Patio

Techo-bloc pavers for fire pit.
landscape lighting for a fire pit.

5. More light.

Depending on the size of the fire pit space, it might be a great idea to consider lighting. Hardscape seat lighting is perfect for just enough light without taking away from the cozy ambiance. Here is an example from a project of ours in the Hudson Valley. Read more in this related post: Why You Need Outdoor Lighting.