7 Patio Design Ideas to Bring the Indoors Outside

7 Patio Design Ideas to Bring the Indoors Outside

It’s almost time for warmer temperatures, bright blue skies, and sunny days to lure you outside. For many of us Hudson Valley homeowners, our backyards will become the primary sanctuary for relaxation. To make those moments more enjoyable, we have some patio design ideas to transform your backyard into an open-air living room. In fact, blending indoor and outdoor living is fast becoming a predominant home trend in the U.S. since nothing invites relaxation like comfortable outdoor living.  

outdoor furniture that resembles indoor furniture

1. Indoor-inspired outdoor furniture

Patio furniture is fast becoming indistinguishable from standard furniture, in fact, the latest contemporary patio designs feature outdoor décor that feels like interior décor. If you are wondering what it might look like, consider checking out the patio furniture chosen for the HGTV Dream Home 2015. I’m sure you will agree that the teak set, which features delicately curved legs and arms, and the casual yet elegant color scheme, makes for an inviting sanctuary. And if you want to spend even more time with Mother Nature, portable hammocks, and two-person swings are a must-have.

2. Outdoor lighting fixtures

This summer, brighten your patio with all-weather illuminating fixtures that are as stylish as they are functional. All you need is a weatherproof table lamp for cozy outdoor illumination. Alternatively, you could also go for low-tech candles which effortlessly add the right touch of intrigue and romance to the ambiance of your outdoor room without tipping off your energy bills. Or how about a funky chandelier to add an unexpected yet captivating twist to your humble backyard. For a finishing touched, add soft LED outdoor lighting. And of course, always contact a professional landscaping contractor to handle your outdoor lighting fixtures to mitigate the risks involved. Related: 3 Reasons Why You Need Outdoor Lighting.

 3. Warmth from a fire pit

Ranging from the more orthodox fire pits that feature a variety of decorative surrounds, to the sleek, trendy fire pits available in a variety of heights, homeowners all over the U.S are using this outdoor fixture to create a cozy gathering place for family gatherings and parties. And although traditional fireplaces and fire pits remain trendy, more homeowners are ordering customized pieces to lessen the hassle.

4. Concrete pavers

If you are looking to add more edge to your outdoor area, opting for concrete pavers over the traditional surfacing materials is the way to go. Not only has the American Society of Landscape Architects reported a steady increase in the popularity of concrete pavers, but consumers also say that they are more affordable than stone, more durable than asphalt, and more colorful than brick.

When choosing paver colors for your patio, treat the decision process like you would with a rug or hardwood flooring for your home. Choose colors that synchronize with the area. Consider using brick pavers with wood or stone houses to add an element of warmth. Also, changing the texture of the paver adds just the right touch of flair; consider using smooth, rounded surfaces where people are walking, cycling or playing, and uneven, rough-textured surfaces for areas that handle less traffic to create an accent or border. Needless to say, this hardscaping solution offers a practical yet attractive option for your backdoor. Read related: Paver Patterns.

5. Eating Spot

The majority of people view contemporary outdoor patios as an extension of the indoor living space (and you should!). Whether made of brick, concrete, or stone, the patio is an area most synonymous with social gatherings especially when there is an outdoor fireplace or fire pit present. So add a fireplace to your deck, a wooden, rustic-chic dining set, and set the right lighting to create your favorite eating spot. And for logistical reasons, its best to have your outdoor kitchen nearby.

6. Sound System

Many Orange County, NY homeowners will agree that all too often, someone is stuck sitting next to the music and its so loud that it makes it difficult to have a conversation with the person next to you, or you are too far, and you can’t hear all that well. Fortunately, you don’t have to ensure such inconveniences when you can have an outdoor sound system. Instead of having one or two sound sources, this convenient outdoor sound system has an array of speakers that can easily cover all the areas you and your guests will be spending time.

7. Vertical Gardens

Adding drama and color to your outdoor living, experts predict that the vertical gardens or living walls will be the biggest gardening trend this summer and there’s no wonder why. Living walls add green hues to your outdoor spaces creating a relaxing atmosphere. Best of all, you don’t have to put a lot of work into creating a delightful vertical garden; you only need patience. Consider getting advice from a professional landscaper if you are looking for inspiration.


-Image: HGTV Dream Home 2015