Landscaping Florida NY

Great landscapes include many different elements that—when designed properly—all work together seamlessly.

Landscape Design Florida NY

Amazing landscapes start with great design. Disciplined attention to the fine details within a space is what makes Landworx's approach unique. Our clearly defined style and vision shines though beautifully in the spaces we create for our clients.

Swimming Pool Florida NY

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to come across a magnificent oasis? Sidestep a trek to the desert by constructing your own. Creating a swimming pool oasis in your Orange County, NY home is a fun process which, with some open-mindedness and artistry, can produce outstanding results. Equip yourself with the right tools to transform your swimming pool into the perfect backyard escape.

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Masonry Florida NY

In general, there are two types of masonry work: veneer, and solid masonry. While solid masonry is used to build free-standing, sturdy structures, veneer masonry serves mainly an aesthetic purpose. Veneer masonry uses another solid structure as a base, while the materials are put together on the outside surface of the structure in attractive shapes and forms.

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