5 Natural Stone Landscaping Ideas for Your Monroe, NY, Backyard

The unique character packaged into each piece of natural stone makes it an invaluable and incomparable landscaping material. Not only is it strikingly beautiful and luxurious, but it is also versatile and can be used in a wide variety of applications. Once you start thinking about the beauty of natural stone and the many possibilities, it’s hard to resist incorporating it in some fashion into your Monroe, NY, landscape. Here are just a few landscaping ideas to get you started.

A Stone Pathway

Consider creating a character-packed pathway using natural stone. Specific types of stone in different shapes and sizes can be used to achieve remarkably noticeable aesthetic themes. Limestone or granite in uniform slabs can be arranged to create a sleek, modern walkway that connects a contemporary home to its accessory hardscape elements. Sandstone or slate in irregular pieces can be arranged in a seemingly random configuration to create a rustic walkway that appears to have manifested naturally over time. This timeworn aesthetic can be enhanced by framing the walkway in dense vegetation with an untamed appearance.


A Luxurious Patio

A patio can be constructed using the same design principles that apply to walkways. The shade, texture, and shape of your stone underfoot will determine the look and feel of the outdoor room you create. Highly textured stones will contribute toward a natural and wholesome appearance while fewer textures will leave your patio looking more sleek and modern. Earthy shades pair well with well-vegetated landscapes, and black stone bears a wonderfully luxurious appearance. Irregularly shaped stones can be installed tightly beside one another by an experienced contractor. They tend to give hardscapes a far more natural appearance than uniformly shaped stones can accomplish.

An Impressive Outdoor Fireplace

Once you have a stone patio in place, you might as well fit it with a fireplace for added ambience and the ability to extend your outdoor living. A fireplace can be constructed using stone pieces or concrete units veneered with natural stone. Stone fireplaces are beautiful in their lack of refinement, which complements the raw energy emanated by the fire they house. A stacked stone fireplace will pair well with a contemporary home and hardscape regardless of its highly textured finish.

Stone Steps

5 Natural Stone Landscaping Ideas for Your Monroe, NY, Backyard

Slabs of stone can be used to create sturdy steps that merge seamlessly with the surrounding softscape. Allow nearby groundcover to conceal their edges and enhance their natural appearance. They look particularly whimsical disappearing into a dense cover of trees and shrubs and can be used to create fairytale-like scenes. Practically, they are also incredibly important as they make tricky slopes easier to navigate and connect different areas of a landscape.

A Poolside Paradise

Natural stone can enhance the relaxed appearance of a large, rounded pool and is worth considering when creating a poolside oasis. Sandstone pairs perfectly with pools and can be customized to look as natural or as contemporary as desired. Irregular sandstone slabs can be paired with a curvaceous pool, plenty of greenery, and a rocky stream or waterfall for a tranquil paradise-like look. Natural stone can also amplify a luxurious, resort-like aesthetic when paired with comfortable, modern outdoor furniture and delicate accent materials.