Landscape Designs that Will Maximize a Small Backyard Space in Monroe, NY

Minimal outdoor space is a reality for many homeowners looking to enjoy some fresh air and sun. Without professional guidance, it may be hard to look at a small plot of green and think of creative ways to make the most of a cramped backyard or outdoor space, and come up with ways you could improve it. Fortunately, there are a variety of landscape design options for maximizing your Monroe, NY, backyard without having to purchase the plot of land next door. Read on and we’ll share some of our expert tips with you on how to take your tiny yard and turn it into an outdoor oasis! 

Focal Point for Your Landscape Design

Landscape Designs that Will Maximize a Small Backyard Space in Monroe, NY

One way to make an impressive display in a small space is to create a cool focal point. This is the feature or area of your landscape that receives the most attention—it is where your eye will be drawn every time you go outside. This effect can be achieved in a variety of ways, but a water feature is a good place to start. Consider the construction of a stone seating wall that looks upon a dramatic waterfall for a soothing spa-like effect. Integrate water-loving plants, stones, or designer tile work into this water feature and you will feel like your backyard is straight off the pages of a landscape design magazine. 


Incorporated Seating

Minimizing furniture can reduce the clutter and enhance the overall feel of your small outdoor living space. By incorporating seating into your hardscape design, space will be optimized. You could add a retaining wall to an unused corner of your yard and create extra seating with the addition of throw pillows or cushions on the stone wall. 

Vertical Space

If you don’t have the room to expand out, then you can always go up! Pergolas, trellises, and columns make excellent options for adding interest and style to your outdoor space without taking up room. Pergolas offer shade and a unique focal point, while trellises and columns give you a way to add greenery and foliage without taking up floor space. 

Level the Field

Another great way to define your small backyard is by creating levels. Upper areas may be ideal for dining, while lower deck areas create a cozy nook for reading by an outdoor fireplace. You could look into mix and matching materials to visually create different spaces, and give your backyard a truly unique feel. 


Container Gardening

You can enjoy your favorite flowers, foliage, and edible plants in your own backyard even if space is limited. Container gardening offers this flexibility. Whether you choose to add potted plants or, even better, install a retaining wall/planter, you’ll be able to dress your outdoor space with greenery without taking up extra space. Wall-mounted planters are also an excellent option for adding greenery to small spaces, and can be used in conjunction with focal features like waterfalls or lights. 

There is no reason to be discouraged by a small backyard footprint; with some rearranging and a creative approach to landscape design, you’ll be sure to fall in love with your downsized outdoor space all year round!