Top 3 Landscaping Ideas for Your Bethel, NY, Outdoor Patio

If you love the concept of your Bethel, NY, patio, but the one you have could use some serious sprucing up, there are so many ways to improve the appearance and functionality of this space. These ideas can lead to more use of you patio, by giving you ways to enjoy it more. Read on for some top landscaping ideas for your patio.

Benefits of a Patio

Top 3 Landscaping Ideas for Your Bethel, NY, Outdoor Patio

Your patio is probably the featured workhorse of your landscape, as the key spot for hosting alfresco dinners, birthday parties, and quiet drinks after a long day. Sometimes a patio is just the right size for a home and at others it seem be a tad small. Since the patio is the first choice for outdoor entertaining and relaxing, you do want to maximize the space that you have. You may find that enlarging the patio that adjoins your home could be just what your landscape needs to encourage more time outside—and with so many gorgeous combinations of pavers that are durable and won’t get slippery when it rains, this can be an especially worthwhile option. 


Add a Retaining Wall

A well-designed retaining wall can increase the intimacy for your patio area without coming across as snubbing your neighbors. Incorporate pillars and wide stairs for easy access to the backyard, and you’ll have space to entertain a large group or a small family gathering. The retaining wall brings definition to your patio while also providing extra seating options or a place for a drink station. With under-wall lighting and fixtures to top the pillars, additional illumination increases the ambiance and safety for those coming and going. 

Create Privacy 

A new stone wall could bring more privacy to your patio area, or a structure could be erected to that would feature flowing vines to create a more intimate feel for those gathered on your patio. Not only does this bring a more secluded feel but you can still feel the breeze while being able to see and smell the fragrant flowers.

Add a Fire Feature

Even on a summer night you can light the fire pit or outdoor fireplace to create a cozy spot to relax. Everyone loves to gather around a fire with a favorite drink, and when you bring out the marshmallows for toasting, young and old alike will want to join in the fun. 


A fire pit can be ideal for a patio with a limited amount of space as it brings the ambient warmth of a fire without requiring a large area. A fire pit can be elevated above the patio or recessed into the ground off the edge. Wherever you choose to place one, a fire pit would be a welcome addition to your patio.

Fireplaces come in every shape and size—you could have one custom-made to complement your home. You might choose a fireplace that is open on both sides for more gathering space, or you could choose to elevate the hearth of the fireplace to provide additional seating for your guests. 

When your patio is made of quality materials, surrounded by attractive and functional features, it will become the standout space of your landscape—where the fun and relaxation happens all weekend long.