Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Make Your Patio Usable Year-Round in Florida, NY

When your patio will be one of your most favorite places to spend your time, you want to be able to use it as much as possible. Here are some outdoor lighting ideas to illuminate your Florida, NY, patio all year long.

Advantages of a Patio

Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Make Your Patio Usable Year-Round in Florida, NY

When you want to spend time outdoors, a patio is a natural place to be. Most patios are constructed with relatively low maintenance materials, meaning you must do very little upkeep to preserve its fresh appearance. Many patios are large enough that you can have a table and chairs for dining alfresco, as well as a comfortable sofa for relaxing or visiting with a friend. 

It is easy to use a patio as an extension of your kitchen and living room, especially if the patio is close to the exterior of your home. This mingling of indoor and outdoor living is a hot trend in entertaining, as it encourages guests to mill around both indoors and out—rather than spending their visits in just one spot of the home. 

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Lighting Ideas for the Patio

Sconces are fixtures that attach to the side of your house, or to the column of a covered patio, to provide light after dark. Many sconces and fixtures can be fitted with dimmers, allowing you to control the amount of light that covers your patio. Sconces come in a wide variety of styles from a classic lantern to a sleek, modern rectangular shape to complement the look of your architecture and landscape. If your patio has a roof or if you decide to install a covering, you can even add a fancy chandelier for a special nighttime look. 

Uplighting for trees and shrubs in the backyard is another pretty way to add lights to the yard. This lighting option makes it so you can walk with ease to a patio that is farther away from your house. This type of light shines from the bottom of the tree trunk into the leaves and branches, making your trees seem like lifelike statues. There are also lights that can be mounted in the trees to shine downward, as well. 

Spotlights can be used to highlight a special tree or wall or even a water feature that gives a focal point to your nighttime landscape. Spotlights are brighter and can be used in any part of your yard or patio that you want to bring special attention to a feature. 

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Twinkle lights woven through the trees can make your backyard feel like a home to the very best kind of fairies. They feel festive and fun no matter the time of year. 

Lighting that surrounds your patio at the ground level can increase both the safety when entering and leaving the area as well as illuminate the surface for better vision. These low-level lights are virtually unnoticeable but bring just the right amount of light to allow you to enjoy your patio as long as you like into the nighttime hours. 

Enlist a Professional

Your local landscaping professionals have the expertise to design a patio lighting plan for your unique property. They pay attention to the fine details that are what you love about your patio and landscape and then they bring light to those features after dark. You have the added advantage of using a company that sees a project through from initial idea until final installation because they build what they design. They can even add a cover to your patio area, a dazzling fire feature or a water feature—or all three—to elevate your Florida, NY, outdoor space into your favorite retreat.